Farm wastewater is a huge problem for all livestock farmers, in Italy and internationally.
Conventional approaches to the problem have not always provided satisfactory results, although they are always very costly. CHIGI44® is a system that can be of major assistance in solving this problem.

CHIGI44® is an extremely flexible oxygenation system, easy to install and simple to maintain. It produces microbubbles with 3 important characteristics: they transfer large amounts of oxygen to the wastewater, they deodorise the wastewater and they allow flotation of solids, facilitating their removal.

The CHIGI44® technology means that performance actually improves as the water head increases. In theory, the use of pure oxygen allows trouble-free operation with water heads of more than 15 metres, without the use of machinery or energy. This unique feature of the CHIGI44® system opens the way to unbounded, previously impossible, design potentials.