A well oxygenated environment is fundamental in fish and mussel farming.
The exclusive ATI SRL CHIGI44® is a state-of-the-art technology in oxygenation solutions for any body of water used in fish and mussel farming.

Efficient, silent, resistant to pressure changes up to 6 bar, and very versatile, it is suitable for any operating environment: freshwater or saltwater fish farming, whether in tanks or in the open sea.

CHIGI44® technology is inherently ecological: it can be powered by both wind and solar energy, it has no impact on the environment and its quietness means it is well tolerated by fish.

CHIGI44® can also be powered using just the evaporation energy of oxygen (able to reach pressures up to 6 bar), without the need for additional energy sources.

CHIGI44® represents a total paradigm shift from the mechanical technologies adopted so far, which are characterised by high installation and maintenance costs and high energy consumption, but low efficiency levels.

CHIGI44® technology generates microbubbles that produce an unrivalled oxygenation level thanks to a large contact surface and a very long ascent time, increased by the movement of the masses of the fish farmed.


Fish welfare, closely linked to farm productivity, is a strong point of CHIGI44® technology. Not only is oxygen delivered and dissolved with unrivalled efficiency, but the quietness of the system does not cause the fish any stress meaning they do not bunch together as is the case with mechanical systems.

For this reason, CHIGI44® is not only the best and most advanced solution for oxygenating tanks and open water for fish farming, it is also suitable for the most delicate stages of hatchery, from hatching to first growth, up to live fish transportation. CHIGI44® is also the only system able to overcome problems linked to mussel farming, favouring water destratification.

The CHIGI44® support structure is constructed in stainless steel for fresh water and in a special synthetic material for sea water. This ensures a very long, problem-free functional life in any operating conditions.

CHIGI44® is resistant to strong acids, concentrated sodium hydroxide and all surfactants. Furthermore, its emission modules, more than any other system, have proven to withstand occlusion phenomena over an extended period of time, requiring simple and fast cleaning operations, without the need of shutting down the system.


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