Traditional technologies for stabilising lubricoolants generally require the use of chemical anti-fermenting agents, normally used when the problem of odour and degradation is already evident. The odour is generated by organic substances which not only degrade the emulsion but also tend, over time, to foul the lubricoolant passages, making it necessary to stop the machine to clean the circuit.

Unpleasant odours, waste production, generation of stabilisation by-products, the need for frequent emulsion changes, fluid circulation malfunctions and the need for circuit flushing procedures are all typical of conventional lubricoolant stabilisation systems.

CHIGI44® technology can stabilise lubricoolants without using chemicals.

Benefits of the CHIGI44® solution for stabilising lubricoolants:

  • No rotting odour
  • Absolutely stable lubricoolant
  • No solidified dirty emulsion due to anaerobic fermentation
  • Perfectly clean circuits and tanks
  • Much longer lubricoolant lifetime
  • No additive costs