CHIGI44® BASIC is a small-sized system which can be installed in series or parallel configurations as required for the system requiring oxygenation. The “INCREMENT” configuration is ideal for installation in plants that have reached their maximum capacity, to restore oxidation levels to those needed to complete the cycle. The “E3G” configuration stabilises lubricoolants and washing water emulsions, eliminating the need to use chemical anti-fermenting agents.

CHIGI44® The CHIGI44® BASIC module can be used to obtain a large variety of different setups, with series or parallel connection, and in ducts when using the CHIGI44® INCREMENT. There are countless possible applications: oxygenation in general, fish and mussel farming, transportation of live fish, stabilisation of lubricoolant fluids, pit deodorisation, mixing of water-fine particle mixtures and stirrers for even corrosive liquids.

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General technical data
Panel Dimensions cm. 5x40x2,5
Weight 0,5 Kg
Output Surface Area 200 cm2
Gas Passages 1500 cmq chaotic
Passage Diameter 20 Microns
Microbubble Size (Diameter) 0,75 – 1,2 mm
Microbubble Size Stability 0,1 – 8 bar
Contact Surface 6000 m2/m3
Flow Rate From appropriate source, over 10 m3/hour
Chemical Resistance of Resin Strong acids, strong alkalis
Cleaning External: specific detergents with high-pressure cleaner.
Internal: permeation with suitable fluids.
Maximum Temperature 90 °C
Type Independent system, removable during operation
Operation Flexible, with rapid large variations possible, ideal for automating parameter control.