When an elastomer membrane treatment plant reaches its maximum operating capacity, to process quantities of wastewater in excess of its capacity correctly it must be expanded, if possible, or a new plant must be built.

CHIGI44® INCREMENT is able to increase the capacity of traditional plants with no added machinery, using oxygen alone. The expansion work can be completed within a short timescale and at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems, without interrupting the working cycle.

Use of CHIGI44® INCREMENT brings immediate benefits in terms of oxygenation quality and effectiveness. This is clear if the bubbles created by an elastomeric membrane are compared with the microbubbles produced by CHIGI44® INCREMENT. In membrane-based system, an increase in air supply pressure produces an increase in the size of the bubbles emitted. This reduces the contact surface and increases the speed at which bubbles rise to the surface: in practice, as the quantity of air increases, the wished-for benefits of bubble size and immersion times are lost.

Conversely, the miniscule size of the microbubbles the CHIGI44® system produces remains constant even with pressure increases. This means the microbubbles can follow the convective flows of the fluids without bursting immediately on the surface of the liquid. Staying below the water’s surface for longer improves oxygen transfer.

The CHIGI44® INCREMENT system can upgrade the capacity of a conventional system in a very short time: it takes no more than 20 minutes to add a 10 metre setup, including assembly and installation. The system can be customised to requirements. Pressure can vary from 0 to 6-8 bar without affecting microbubble size.

CHIGI44® INCREMENT consists of AISI 304-316 stainless steel modules which can be connected in series to obtain the length required. Each steel module is 2 metres long and contains 3 CHIGI44® BASIC modules connected in series at their centres. The circuit is completed by an external line which connects the intake end to the final section of the CHIGI44® INCREMENT system, to ensure uniform oxygen distribution.

The flow rate of each CHIGI44® BASIC module may vary from a few litres per minute to more than 6 cubic metres/hour, and – as already mentioned – the microbubbles always remain the same size.


A membrane plant has a fixed structure, anchored to the bottom
The modular CHIGI44® INCREMENT system is fitted into the membrane system while in operation, without the need to shut it down.
Installation is simple and very quick, and the CHIGI44® INCREMENT system can be activated at once.
Their modular design allows for the addition or removal of CHIGI44® INCREMENT modules according to the capacity required.
The increase in oxidation efficiency is immediate. Air can be used but the most significant and evident results are achieved by using pure oxygen, for which no machinery is required.
The improvement in the plant’s performance is immediate and intake can easily be adjusted to avoid energy or gas wastage.