Landfill percolates are complex fluids which require effective treatment. The microbubbles in CHIGI44® optimise oxygenation of the fluids. Installations that have already been in operation for several years prove that the use of oxygen brings considerable operational benefits, both in terms of oxidising the most stubborn components and in terms of energy use: CHIGI44® consumes 80-90% less energy than conventional systems.

Another important factor is that CHIGI44®’s microbubbles act fast to eliminate odours, while flotation brings all dispersed insoluble fractions to the surface. The option to make precise adjustments to air or oxygen emission allows the gas intake to be altered quickly in response to changing requirements.

If the plant incorporates storage tanks with high water heads, it is more effective and economical to use pure oxygen, with just an immersion stirrer to circulate the liquid, which will retain the microbubbles inside it for longer time. Transported by the convective flows generated, the microbubbles will provide optimal oxygen transfer and reduce process times, thus cutting costs.